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  • Spend Less Time Scheduling
    RecStaff Makes It Easier To Schedule
    So You Can Focus On Your Staff
    and Delivering Programs
  • Scheduling
    Made Easy
    Simply drag shifts onto our Calendar Canvas
  • Specify
    Work Assignments
    Let staff know what they will be
    doing during a shift
  • Intuitive
    Easy to learn and
    easy to use
  • Interactive Time Sheets
    Paperless communication and
    sign off of Time Sheets
  • Verify Your Numbers
    Ensure you meet seniority rules and never
    have unnecessary overtime again
  • Even On The Go
    RecStaff will keep you on top of it all
Why RecStaff?
Why RecStaff?

Why Choose RecStaff?

Because We Chose You!

RecStaff was created for the parks and rec industry. We consulted over 80 facilities just like yours and put their best ideas into our product. Whether you have a single pool, a full rec centre, university athletic complex or an entire municipality RecStaff will work for you. We built it to meet your needs and solve your challenges.  If we don’t have what you need we’d be surprised.  But we’d also work with you to figure out a solution. 

Our Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) allows you to draw shifts on your schedule.  You just decide where you want a shift to start on the calendar canvas and using your mouse click on the start time and drag to the end time.  You can move shifts, shorten or lengthen them, copy to different days and copy weekly schedules forward so you only need to make the schedule once and tweak your weeks as you go.  You can colour code shifts, add labels, change views to show more information or less and focus on one or all seven days.

RecStaff understands that organizations often share staff.  When you’re trying to assign a staff member to a shift the system will let you know if the person is working in another department at the same time or some other time during the day.  We make sure that you know how many hours a person works in a week regardless of department.

Work assignments are the jobs staff do during their shifts.  If you want to let staff know what they are doing during a shift you would do so by adding work assignments.  You can also add breaks to shifts via work assignments which can be paid or unpaid.  Work assignments can pass down to payroll and trigger different payrates, to ensure staff are paid correctly for whatever work they do.

Staff can post shifts they are unable to work.  But managers set the rules - you decide whether staff can pick up posted shifts on a first come first service basis or require manager approval.  RecStaff also allows you to require manager approval to post a shift in the first place.  You can also allow certain staff members first come first serve pick up and others to require manager approval.  Shifts can be split allowing staff to keep a portion of their shift but give up the rest.  Roles and work assignments can be defined as unpostable which means some shifts won’t be able to be split because of this.  We've taken all our customers' unique shift swapping requirements and added them to RecStaff making it the most comprehensive shift swapping on the market!

RecStaff is a mobile-optimized web app that allows your staff to do everything they need to do on their phone, from receiving shift notifications to checking their dashboard.  Staff can post and pick up shifts, send internal messages, check credentials, view their calendar, change their availability and submit time off requests.  With a busy workforce who are always on their phone it just makes sense to have their work schedule on there too.

RecStaff will keep track of all your staff's credentials, qualifications and awards and it will alert staff and managers when credentials are expiring with enough lead time to ensure staff can renew their certification.

With RecStaff, credentials aren't just an afterthought, hidden away in a sub-menu somewhere. Credentials are integrated throughout RecStaff. You will see credential alerts at the point of assigning shifts so you don't end up with somebody on deck who is missing a qualification. And RecStaff can prevent staff from picking up shifts if they have an expired credential.

RecStaff knows that communication makes for less confusion and a happier workplace.  Staff will know when they’re working because they receive a text, email or both with shift notifications and any shift modifications.  Posting and picking up of shifts can be communicated to staff and managers can send messages to staff members when needed.  Credentials, timesheets and time off requests information are also communicated via RecStaff. 

RecStaff has a powerful timesheet and payroll module that can handle even the most complex environments. Whether you just want to track hours against cost centres, or go the whole nine-yards and track multiple pay grades, rates and premiums down to the work assignment level for each staff member, RecStaff can handle it.

Our timesheet workflow eliminates the need for paper forms, reduces chance for errors and will save you from having to chase after your staff . And once you are finished a payroll period, RecStaff can generate reports, export the data into an Excel format or produce an extract that can be uploaded to your HR system.

RecStaff helps you stay on top of your labour costs by providing different ways to visualize and report on your scheduling information. You can easily run reports that let you track the staff  performance indicators that you care about most. If we don't have the report you need in our current library we can create custom reports that fit your specific business needs. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel and other formats.


How RecStaff Handles Some of Your Challenges

I’d like to schedule Jeff for a shift but he might have a shift at the rink then.

RecStaff lets you know when staff are working in other departments so you don’t double book them.  It also tells you if Jeff is running into OT, has a credential issue, his level of seniority, whether he’s off on vacation or doesn’t want to work that day.

I want to be able to let my staff know what they’re doing during their shifts.

When you create a shift in RecStaff you can define work assignments for each of the employees assigned to the shift and set when each employee can take their break.   You can also attach a payrate to each of these work assignments for timesheet generation.

I wish staff that can’t make it in at the last minute could get their own replacements.

RecStaff lets staff post their shifts according to rules you set. If the shift is scheduled to begin soon an urgent notification is sent to all staff holding the role.  It also notifies you when the shift is posted and if there is trouble filling the shift.

I really don’t want swim instructor shifts to be posted without my approval.

One of the many shift swapping rules available in RecStaff is the ability to limit what roles or work assignments can be posted.  Alternatively, you could set a rule that requires all posts to be approved before they go to the shift board for pick up.

Sometimes I need to pay staff for a task they’ve done that isn’t part of their regular payrate.

With RecStaff you can define all your various payroll rates and paygrades, premiums and shift differentials. But you can also attach payrates to work assignments and tasks so staff can be paid different rates for those different activities when they perform them during a shift.

Mark’s CPR award expired last week and I didn’t realize it until after I scheduled him a LG shift.

You can track staff credentials with RecStaff.  We’ll let you know when you’re assigning shifts whether staff credentials are up to date.  RecStaff also sends out notifications to both you and staff when certifications are heading towards expiry in lots of time to get recertified.

I don’t work the same shifts as some of my staff so keeping connected can be tricky.

RecStaff is your forum for communicating with your staff. While the system takes care of the regular notifications for shift assignments, shift post and pick up notifications, reminders, credential expiration notifications and timesheets,  you can keep in touch with staff by sending group or personal emails and texts, posting on the internal message board to keep staff informed about things that are happening in your department, and adding notes to shifts. 

My yearly budgetary numbers are due so I have to spend the next week crunching numbers.

RecStaff is your book of record.  From simple hours worked to metrics that let you know how often staff have posted shifts you can use RecStaff to better understand your staffing trends.  If we don’t have a report you need let us know and we’ll create it for you.  We can also export your data for your payroll system.

I need to get all the timesheets to payroll by the end of the day and Evelyn hasn’t given me hers yet.

RecStaff generates your timesheets based on your pay period and sends them to staff to look at.  Staff can use their phone to sign off on their timesheet or write a note if they feel it is incorrect and send it back to you. Once you’re both happy with the timesheet and signed off on it you can send it to the payroll department.  Easy and quick! No more chasing staff around when payroll is due.

I’ve asked my generic scheduler vendor to add a feature I really need but they won’t make the change.

Generic schedulers service many industries and make changes based on the most need for the greatest number of clients. RecStaff is different. We focus only on parks and rec so we welcome your feature requests as they usually benefit our entire customer base.

Let Us Help You

We get it. You're already juggling a lot and you're worried about the hassle of moving to a new system. We've got you covered - we've had lots of experience helping organizations like yours get up and running and we work with you at your pace

We get you up and running FAST.  We start by listening in order to understand your environment and your challenges. We explain how RecStaff works and how to configure it for your needs. Then we take your data, set up your RecStaff environment and create accounts for you and your staff.  We even help you create your first schedule!

We understand that you already have a day job so we remove as much of the learning curve as we can.  We want your adoption of RecStaff to be as seamless as possible and when we help that happens.



Our implementation process comes with the training you need to get up and running fast.  We employ strategically timed training sessions that will coincide with the milestones you’ll face when first learning how to use the system.

We've Got Your Back

We want to wow you with our customer support . Whether you are working through a question with one of our product specialists, watching a tutorial online or searching through our knowledgebase, customer satisfaction is our focus. It's how we built our business!



Our support desk lets you get in touch with us quickly via email or phone if you’re having problems with your RecStaff account.  We strive to answer all our help calls in a timely fashion so you won’t be left hanging and waiting and hanging ….(you get the picture).  We also have a YouTube channel with videos tutorials and help files on our app.



Need a payroll extract, a report or feature we don’t have?  No worries, because you’re our only customer what you need chances are someone else will so we’re happy to work with you on any customization you require.

Your Data

Your Data

We take data security very seriously - it's built in to our product and all our processes. Our systems run in top-tier data centres at multiple locations to prevent outages. And for privacy reasons, we can store your sensitive data in Canada or the US. Call us and let our techies talk acronyms with your IT folks.

Find the Plan That Works for You!

Learn More!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30 day free trial work?

Once RecStaff has set up your account your first training session will be scheduled.  This date will signify the beginning of your 30 day free trial.  The 30 days will be enough time to show you that RecStaff meets your needs.

How long does it take to setup my account?

Setup depends on the size of your organization but we estimate it should take us no more than 3-4 days once we receive all your information to set up your account.

How long will it take me to learn RecStaff?

Our free initial training, our video tutorials and our support desk will have you over the learning curve in no time.  We recognize that you already have a day job so we make learning how to use RecStaff as quick and seamless as possible.

Does RecStaff offer any price discounts?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount if you pay annually for your subscription in advance.  Also, if your organization has more than 300 staff contact us and we will provide a customized price quote.

What payment methods do you accept?

At RecStaff, you can pay for your subscription by credit card and pre-authorized payment. But unlike other vendors, we also have an option where we can invoice you and your purchasing department can pay by cheque.

Are there any hidden costs in my subscription?

There is a small implementation that covers your account setup, initial data loading and training. After that, your subscription fee covers everything in your plan and there are no additional changes. If you need custom code like a unique payroll extract we would provide you with a quote for that.

Where is my data being stored and is it secure?

We can store your information in secure data centres in Canada or the US according to your preference. We take data security and privacy very seriously and use industry best-practices to protect it at all times.

Is RecStaff "in the cloud"? What does that mean?

Yes, we are a cloud based SAAS (software as a service) provider. You pay your subscription to use the service and we take care of the rest. Your data is safe in ultra-secure facilities, and the service itself is highly redundant and scaleable so it's always available - 24/7

How is RecStaff different from other schedulers?

It’s better because it was made for your industry.  We asked 80 parks and rec departments what they needed in a staff scheduler and we stuffed all their ideas into RecStaff.  And we’re not done yet…we continue to improve RecStaff by adding new features that meet your industries unique needs.

Will my employee like RecStaff?

Absolutely!  It was built for your employee as well as you.  We know that a happy employee makes for a happy work environment.  RecStaff’s mobile web app allows staff to do everything they need to on their phone.  From shift swapping to time sheets staff can do it all without ever having to alter their day.